01Air Freight

We provide professional air freight service for our customer whether it is inbound or outbound consignment. Regardless of weight, dimension and location we make sure that our customer get best deal, efficient service in cost effective manner.


02Ocean Freight

Being in land-locked country, our requirements of ocean freight are unique, we need to be extra attentive to ensure we get shorted possible transit time, extra leverage on container movement and minimize cost so that our customers have edge over their competitors. Be it FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less Than Container Load) movement, we make sure our customers get best deal, efficient service in cost effective manner.


03Inland Haulage

Efficient Inland haulage is thing of utmost importantfor shipment to and fro Nepal.Nepal being landlockedcountry had to use nearest seaport Calcutta, India which is approx 1162 km from Kathmandu. We offer complete packageservice Calcuttaclearance, transportation to and fro Calcutta including Nepal custom clearance. We don’t just work for you, we share our expertise to share cost advantage and minimize transit time.


04Air-Land Import Handling

If you are finding your airfreight rates too high for high weight shipments but need faster transport than sea freight alone, consider a careful blend of the two. Air-Sea / Air-Land traffic combines the economy of the sea with the speed of the air to give you a cost-effective solution. This fusion of transport modes enables you ship ODC shipment to Nepal.

05Out of Gauge (OOG) Shipment

We have got goods experience in handling OOG Import shipment to Nepal, OOG shipment handling need expertise skill and knowledge, we can handle import OOG shipment with ease.

  • Open Top containers
  • Platform containers
  • Flat Rack containers

06Export Packing and Documtation

We can fulfill your need for expert export packing and storage, we have got experience team for packing Nepalese export commodities who have got extensive knowledge about destination countries custom requirement related to use of packing material.

07Warehousing (On request):

We can offer general warehousing facilities as per your requirement. We can even arrange for bonded warehouse facility on for your import / export shipment in custom bonded warehouse.


We can arrange cargo and marine insurance for both export and import shipment using any mode of transportation, in timely and cost effective manner. It is a primary obligation under every international sale of goods contracts that either the seller or the buyer will have to arrange adequate insurance for the goods in accordance with the agreed shipment (INCOTERMS).

09Buyer / Seller Consolidation:

Consolidation service at origin or destination point can be one of wonderful toll to minimize transportation and logistics cost, we can provided consolidation service at both end through our counterparts enabling you to enjoy benefits of consolidation service.